Friday, May 18, 2007

In the Garden

It doesn't look like much yet...looks more like a garden of straw but I am hopeful. I really haven't shared much of the garden because it never seems like much in the beginning then I harvest everything before I get pictures of the bounty.

A view of the garden looking southeast. In the corner I plan to place a bird bath and some more grapes. The lush green band is a bed of strawberries that I will be harvesting very soon.

Just behind the strawberry bed is the asparagus bed which is struggling right now because it's being attacked by asparagus beetle. I go out daily to crush the little buggers and pick off the eggs they lay on the asparagus. The bed to the right of the boards is Jade's bed which she planted tonight the one to the right of hers is Corbin's.

Jade planted: lettuce , turnips, morninglories, mustard greens, carrots, cherry tomatoes. Corbin has some basil and carrots. He was going to plant watermelon but changed his mind and wants to plant corn.

Below is the garden looking from the southeast corner. You can see the tips of the struggling asparagus and the lush strawberry patch. The bed to the right of the boards has potatoes, then a bed of peppers, then the tomatoes.

This is the east side of the garden right next to the fence. It has raspberries that we will get to harvest this year and a varietys of perennials: salvia, black eyed susan, yarrow.

A lovely Salvia one of my favorites in the garden, right next to it, not blooming yet, is Purple Gayfeather another favorite of mine an native to Kansas.

Here's the herb bed just behind the tomato bed: oregano, chives, sweet grass, sage, and one other herb that I forgot what it is.

This is Rose - I call her Rose - She is a Rose. I have tree in the yard I call Fred. I don't have a picture of Fred, yet.

I have more to share later. There are a few beds I didn't get pics of yet.

This is what I've been busy with over the last few days.


  1. I'm jealous of all the space you have! I've heard that if you mix chili pepper with water and spray it onto your plants, the bugs stay away. You may want to give it a try. I can't wait to see more of your garden pics :)

  2. Beautiful! I'm definitely glad to have you around as a resource when I finally get brave enough to do my own!