Monday, July 31, 2006

Love it - T-shirt Underwear

T-shirt underwear.... you know you want a pair!

Check out this link here and get your sewing machine revving.

Now, I know what to do with unwanted tie dye t-shirts! Woot!

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Tiny Hearts Doily

Tiny Hearts Doily
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My 4th doily what fun! Tiny Hearts Doily was in Crochet! the March 2006 issue. Do you think I am obsessed? Don't answer that I'm just talking out loud and really don't want to know 'cause I already know the answer.

I think this doily might look nice in a pale pink for Valentines Day or maybe a red if you had a light or white background to put the doily on.

I am STILL waiting for my PK doily book. I'm also drooling over all kinds of threads on this website here. I really should NOT spend more money but I will likely do it anyway and rationalize that I will be making gifts for family. Yeah! that's it I am spending money for gifts. If a few seem to stay at home that seems only reasonable. Doilies also encourage me to keep the clutter down because what good is a doily if you don't have a clean table to show it off on? So doilies encourage me to keep things cleaner at home. So I must make more doilies so I must buy more thread. Phew! I am glad that's settled.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Mask Making

It's true (just in case you didn't believe me.) Our dinning room usually looks something like this:

mask making
Note the trash on the floor and the plaster dust on the chairs.

mask making

finishing touches on the rain mask
Corbin finishing up his mask. Jade is working on her mask right now.

Rain Mask
A Chinese is Rain Mask - or so Corbin says. He wants to encourage rain this summer which is a good thing as long as it doesn't rain out homeschool group.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Two more doilies

I have done it! I think I am officially addicted (and probably insane too) making doilies. I see yet another bin to store crochet thread in. I am impatiently waiting to get Coffee -n- Cream by Patricia Kristoffersen. You can have a sneak peak of the lovely doilies I will making the future here.

Tribute to Trish Doily

Tribute to Trish Doily - Trish is Patricia Kristoffersen above. You can see her beautiful doily designs here. I want to get more of her books. I hope my friends and family like doilies because I think you will be getting some in the future. Please drop very detailed hints of your favorite colors so I am sure to make something you like :)

You can find the pattern for the doily above here. I used a #7 hook and #10 thread. I gave this doily to a friend moving to Indiana.

You can click on the pictures below to see more detail. I will post larger pics later as flickr is hiccuping right now.

Starflower Doily - 1998 Decorative Crochet Magazine

I used #10 cotton thread and a #6 crochet hook

Thanks for looking

Saturday, July 22, 2006

My First Doily

Truly, I never saw myself as a doily person. After participating in the secret pal swap on crochetville and reading the blogs of may doily doers and completing my first one I think I'm hooked.

My fist doily is called Delicate Daisy - from Crochet Fantasy - 1988
It's not too bad for my first try at a doily. I may have stitched it too tight in the center because I am having a hard time making that part lay flat although it has not been blocked yet. I did use #10 thread and steel hook #4 (I think.) I have since blocked it and it's till not laying as flat as I would like. I don't have a very good blocking system yet so I might try again.

I am almost finished with my second doily and I will post a pic of it soon. I ordered an out of print doily book on eBay that I can't wait to make something from it's Coffee -n- Cream by Patricia Kristofferson.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

More Tie Dye

Here's a few more things we tie dyed recently.

Tie Dyed Shirt
Jades shirt she did it herself. It's a two colored spiral.
colors: fuchsia and cerulean blue

Tie Dyed Shirt
Primary colored spiral I made for Corbin. I made a camisole using the same colors for me.
used procion dyes: cerulean blue, deep yellow and chinese red

Purple Jacket
This is a jacket we low water immersion dyed using fuchsia and cerulean blue

Purple Jacket

Tie Dyed Socks
Jade made these socks which are currently decorating my living room. Do you think I could start a new trend?

Tie Dyed Socks
The tea towel Jade made. She twisted it then folded it over then put rubberbands along it. She used deep yellow, cerulean blue and chinese red I think. I love the feathery look of the colors.

Tie Dyed Socks
I did this one. It turned out just a wee bit too patriotic looking for me but timely.
colors: cerulean blue and chinese red.

Monday, July 3, 2006

Doing some dyeing...

>Some Tie Dyeing that is.

A few tea towels:

Tie Dye

Tie Dye

Socks to keep my feet warm this winter:

Tie Dye

All of this will make me smile and cheer me up during the dreary months of winter. The socks make me hotter just looking at them and I am already hot enough!

We did some more tie dyeing and some low water immersion dyeing today too. So I will have more pictures to share soon.