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My first blog was Confessions of a Mother Who Reads Too Much.  It was mostly about books I read, my kids and our life as an unschooling family.  As my interests changed and I wanted to respect my kids privacy I  posted on that blog less and less. So I started Fiber Star about things to do with crocheting at first then I did more with spinning and knitting etc.  Then I decided to merge the blogs so to speak.  This blog is mostly for me to talk about fibery stuff but also to share about me.  Because y'all want to know right?

I didn't blog much in 2011 partly from being busy and my mom got sick and died at the beginning of the year and I just didn't have the desire to post or think much about anything.  I just needed to be. I've want to start blogging again.  I want to use the blog in a way that enriches my life but might inspire others too.

So I have come up with various blog post themes that are out there on the webs.  I don't know how much I will be an actual part of those themes.  I'm using them to give myself a place to start when come to write and because I like alliteration.

WIP Wednesday:  Post about current projects I'm working on.  Most often will be things I'm knitting or spinning but might be crafty things too.

Tangle Tuesday:  Sharing my observations and tips on tangling. See more about Zentangles here and my first post about it here.

Fiber Friday:  I'll share about a project I'm working, tips on fibery things, and projects I've finished.

Foodie Friday:  It's about food! A recipe or pretty pictures of food.  Foodie tips.

Thankful Thursday:  Sharing what I'm thankful for and thoughts on thankfulness.

Sip it Saturday:  Beer and wine reviews and recipe for drinks.

Sunday Book Review:  A book review. Naturally..

Wordless Wednesday:  A photo with no words.  You can find more about it here.

Thursday 13:  Share 13 things.

Occasionally there will be posts that don't fit the themes so you will likely find those in  about me or ponderings. Then the category tags give more hints to what you might find in a given post.

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