Tuesday, September 25, 2007

I'm thinking about...

Giving up coffee, again!

Yes, I have done this at least twice. I didn't drink coffee while pregnant with the first babe but I did with the second babe. He likes coffee just a little bit by the way. I quit for a short time after having babe #2 to see if that help with his gas problem. It didn't make a wit of difference so why deprive myself, right?

I quit just before we moved back to Kansas. I didn't drink any for about 2-3 months then started my daily habit again.

Lately, when I get up in the morning coffee doesn't always sound good. I've been having trouble sleeping too. I've been having light headaches more often but I haven't increased my coffee habit at all. If anything I'm not drinking my usual amount which is probably why I am having the headaches.

So here goes. When the half-n-half is gone this week so is my morning coffee habit. I'm going cold turkey. I'll think I'll go get some of that pain killer with the cafeine in it.

I'm going to focus on the pluses with this new goal of mine. I will more likely exercise. I will lose weight since I won't be using close to a quart of half-n-half a week. (I know shocking!) I will save money. Maybe to reward myself I can buy yarn with the money I save buying coffee. I can do that right? I mean I do need more fiber in my diet. No more morning coffee fits better in my local diet eating. It's not like coffee grows in Kansas.

Wish me luck and I'd love ideas how to make kicking the habit easier. I figure I will have caffeine withdrawal but I also think some withdrawal from not having the half-n-half too.

Thursday, September 13, 2007


Reduction Tote Bag - all hangin' out

My altered version of the Reduction Tote Bag by Anne Frost. You can find the pattern here on Crochet Me.

All the thread came from my stash and lots was picked up at the thrift store months ago.

Reduction Tote Bag - all folded up

I used the Willow square from 200 Crocheted Blocks but added a few xtra rows. I did about 10 less rows for the mesh because I find this stitch plenty stretchy so I didn't think I needed as much height as the pattern called for.

Reduction Tote Bag -close up

I still need to sew on some buttons. I am sure I have some stashed somewhere.

You can see the the flap is showing on the outside of the square. I might put the flap on the inside so when it's all folded up it doesn't cover up the pretty square.

It's a Skull Bag!

Skull Bag

I made it for my son for his birthday. It's my own Tapestry Crochet design. I used Red Heart Super Saver in Black and White from my stash and an H hook. I bought the fabric and 9" zipper new.

Skull Bag - zipper added

The zipper is finally put in. It was a pain in the pattuty! There has got to be a better way.

I really like the border stitch I added to the top and bottom of the bag. I think it adds some interest and frames the skull nicely. I used a crossed double crochet post on a set up row of half double crochets. Then a row of sc on top of that.

Skull Bag - zipper added

I finished the edge of the bag with a crab stitch.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Another Birthday

My little one is not so little any more. he is now 9 years old. He is so many things.

Always my baby (not the baby there's a difference)

an Indian at Thanks Giving

a crocheter

the punk skate boarder
Punk Boarder

a goofball
Cookies - Yummy Cookies

always my sweet son
Zelda Kitty

Happy Birthday Corbin!

We had a nice day together as a family. Corbin went shopping with Dad and got some lego kits and an Havoc Heli, a remote control helicopter. We went bowling and got take out Chinese. What I found interesting about the day is this is what he wanted. At first we were going to do a party then he decided he want just us and one friend if he could make it. He didn't even need a party with the grand parents.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Some of my favorite authors

The question will come up, Who are your favorite authors?, then I'm stumped. So decided to look though my library of reads and found several authors I really like.

I've recently listened to two Anita Shreve's books, Light on Snow and The Pilot's Wife. Both books are on the sad side dealing with the death of the loved one. I look forward to reading and listening to more of her novels.

Jodi Picoult is a prolific author who deals with difficult life dramas. The last two books I listened to, 19 minutes and The Tenth Circle, were like a train wrecks. They were ahrd to listen to but you had to keep going to see what would happen in the end. All I can say is that I am very happy that my kids are safe at home. A few of my favorites by Picoult and not so hard to read but still sad are Keeping the Faith and My Sisters Keeper.

On the lighter side of reading I like Jenifer Weiner author of Good in Bed and In Her Shoes also a movie.

I also enjoy Anita Diamant probably best known for her novel, The Red Tent. I also enjoyed The Last Days of Dog Town a historical fiction of the life of women in the late 18oo's.

It's rare that I find a male author I consistently enjoy. I really like William Kowlaki. My first and favorite read is The Adventures of Flash Jackson. He has written other books connected to many of the same characters in Flash Jackson.

I also like David Guttersen. I could be partial to him because he homeschools his kids too. I really like Snow Falling on Cedars and I read this book when I live in in Washington state. I have not read Our Lady of the Forest, it seems to have mixed reviews from readers. It's on my to read list.

Some of my favorite mind candy for reading or audiobooks are Diana Gabaldon's Outlander Series, Ann B. Ross's Miss Julia Series, and Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum Series.

Happy Reading