Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Buns and Burgers

So for about 3 weeks I have not purchased any bread with the exception of hot dog and hamburger buns. Sunday night I tried my hand at hamburger buns using the Artisan Bread Dough.


I made up a batch of light wheat. After it had risen enough I weight out bits about 3.5 oz each give or take. Gently shaped them then placed them on a grease pie pan. I smooshed them down so they were a bit flatter and let them rest for about 20m min. Then baked them for about 20 min at 450 deg F.


They turned out well and taste good with the burgers. The only problem is they are denser than your usual fluffy burger buns. So I'm going to give the American Style bread recipe from the Artisan Bread book a try to see if this will make a lighter bun.


Stephen makes these delish burgers. He kind of marinates the burgers in some tamari, worshteshire sauce, and garlic before he cooks them up. We top them off with cooked onions and cheese. As long as you aren't a veggetarian. You have to admit that looks pretty good and it was! It's a treat to have tastey homemade burgers AND homemade buns.

I'm proclaiming myself a Domestic Goddess. I just sayin'

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  1. I am bowing down to thee... domestic goddess... can I have a delicious hamburger now please?!?!