Monday, May 18, 2009

Wine - Cynthiana

I drink wine. I really like it and I might drink too much since I can't remember once I get to the liquor store some of the wines I've really enjoyed. I wish there was something like Ravelry or Library Thing for wine and there probably is but maybe friends might want to know what I've been drinking.

Last night I opened bottle of Cynthiana, a semi-dry red, from Kugler's Vinyard in Lawrence, Ks. It has a fruity tast that's not overly sweet yet sweeter than I usually drink. I've decided I would get it again. Even better my husband didn't care for it so for me! I think this would be great for mulled wine in the winter. I hope I remember to search my wine reviews in December when mulled wine sounds good. I think this would also taste good with some cheesecake.

I found this at my local liquor store which is unusual for local wines here in Kansas. Cost $10.99 which is not bad for a decent bottle of wine though there are a few that I like for less. So all in a reasonable price for a bottle of wine especially if you like something on the sweet side and something local.

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  1. There are now 238 Norton (Cynthiana) wineries in 23 states. Missouri accounting for 81 of these, but even Kansas now has nine Norton wineries. Interest is growing. Enjoy your next Norton wine after letting it breathe for an extended time reading Todd Kliman's new book, The Wild Vine. A wonderful historical biography of the Norton grape which reads like a novel.