Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sunday Book Review: Book of Learning and Forgetting

I read, The Book of Learning and Forgetting by Frank Smitth,  about a month ago but it was on my  to read list for a while now.  Finally my local library purchased it.  Despite the fact that I have a radical view on learning I found myself thinking are you freakin' for real?

 We only really learn the things we learn when we learn it naturally and 
learning shouldn't be difficult. 

He does clarify that you might want to learn how to do something but you might not learn it easily because to learn something you need to have understanding.  So understanding may take time.  That was the best part of the book to me.  That understanding can take time.  

So maybe Smith is right. Learning isn't difficult we sometimes start from a place of  confusion then move to a state of understanding. Now that I think about it,  I do that all the time.  

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  1. I love this book and keep it on my shelf. I often pick it up and reread just parts of it. Excellent book. Good thinking book that I wish everyone would read.