Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tangling Tuesday

Over the holidays I took a long break from knitting, spinning and more. One, I was sick, Bah!  Two, I was having fun with my family. Three, I got distracted with Pinterest where I came across more online information about Zentangles.  I first heard about Zentagles through my local fiber guild.  I wasn't able to go to the meeting where everyone learned about it. I tried to find out more online but my internet and google fu was lacking at the time. I was going to get a starter kit and share  it with a friend but we got busy and didn't pursue it. I even looked on amazon and swear nothing came up when I typed in zentangle.

So while I was recuperating and pinned things on Pinterest I zentangled.  Some of my favorites patterns are: betweed, mooka, cubine, tuscon, and paradox.  I watched these video here from the creators of Zentagles.

On Flickr you can find a lovely gallery of Zentangles.  I have Zentangle inspirational and patterns collected on my Pinterest Board.

An official Zentangle is on a nice piece of drawing paper.  Cut to 3.5 inches square and drawn with a fine ink pen.  Sakuara .25mm pigma pens are recommended and I love them too. Since falling in love with tangling I got myself some pens, a nice journal to explore patterns and some lovely white paper to cut to size.

Here's some of the first tangling I did before I understood the standard process or size.

Picture 134

My tangling journal where I explore new patterns:

Zentangles 002

Some how I came across the basic steps. This is how I understand it.

  • Draw four points in the corners of the card with a pencil.  Then connect those points. Don't fret about the lines they don't have to be straight wibbly-wobbly is good! If you want the design to go to the edges of the card you don't have to do this.
  • Also with your pencil draw what's called a string inside the box you made. Not sure on the rules on this.  I see ones that are done all curvy and some that are several lines all straight too.
  • Then with your fine ink pen fill in section with patterns that please you.  Most of all have fun and don't fret about it. Your string is a guidde but not meant to restrict you.  You can tangle outside of the lines.
  • Then last you can add some shading or not.  It can really make it all pop.

Here are a few of my official tangle squares:

Picture 156

You can see the string lines I created and how I used them and didn't use them.

Picture 157

This was done using a diamond grid and combining lines and the paradox tangle.

Picture 155

This one I followed the string a bit more.

What I most like about Zentangles are the "rules" that help you get started but not so much a "rule" that it blocks your creativity.   Last I leave you with a link to a free pdf download.  You will need to join the website to get it but I'd say it's worth it. Just go here

Picture 154

Tangle! You know you want to. It's like doodling in highschool but better and you don't have to do it to stay awake during a boring lecture.  You an do it because it's fun!

Edited to spell Tuesday correctly and remove my draft notes :P 

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