Saturday, July 22, 2006

My First Doily

Truly, I never saw myself as a doily person. After participating in the secret pal swap on crochetville and reading the blogs of may doily doers and completing my first one I think I'm hooked.

My fist doily is called Delicate Daisy - from Crochet Fantasy - 1988
It's not too bad for my first try at a doily. I may have stitched it too tight in the center because I am having a hard time making that part lay flat although it has not been blocked yet. I did use #10 thread and steel hook #4 (I think.) I have since blocked it and it's till not laying as flat as I would like. I don't have a very good blocking system yet so I might try again.

I am almost finished with my second doily and I will post a pic of it soon. I ordered an out of print doily book on eBay that I can't wait to make something from it's Coffee -n- Cream by Patricia Kristofferson.

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