Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Secret Pals and such

I decided to do the Secret Pals again for the Autumn round. I accidentally revealed myself to my secret pal. I think it was meant to be and so does my pal. We share so much in common. She homeschools, I homeschool my kids. Not only that she was excited to find out that I unschool my kids too and we've been talking about that. We also love yarn, crochet, spinning, making doilies, etc....

It doesn't mean the spoiling will stop. She still might need another PK doily book even though she has one already because you can never have too many doily books. She needs pretty vintage things because that's what she likes. You can read her blog here.

I have heard from my Secret pal a few times too. She asked me some questions to get to know me better which is cool. It's nice to get a happy e-card in my inbox too. I'm looking forward hearing more from her in the future.

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