Sunday, September 17, 2006

Tea Cozy and more! - Thank You!

Tea Cozy
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A package in the mail yeah!

It was a lovely surprise after a long day exploring a Lewis and Clark celebration in Atchison, Ks.

She not only sent a me a lovely tea cozy but some yummy coffees and raspberry flavored black tea, and some biscuits all the way from New York City. The raspberry tea came in the a little tin too. I just love little tins. She also made me a hot pad to rest my tea pot on too. This makes it perfect because I can brew up a pot of tea and keep it right next to me in the living room where I crochet and read.

Thanks swap partner. I love it all. Yesterday, I enjoyed a pot of Cinnamon Coffee. The weather has cooled off quite a bit so I plan on brewing up a pot of the raspberry tea today. I wish I could see New York City again someday. Last time I was there was when I was 19 years young.

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