Saturday, September 9, 2006

What I have been up to....

Instead of blogging I've been crocheting and doing my best to keep my house in order which has been a blessing. The kids and I have been playing games and hanging out with friends. So I have not had time for blogging not to mention that words are not coming easily to me either.

I thought my loyal follower (s) might like to see what been on my hook(s)

I gave this doily to my friend Tara last night for her 30th birthday. She liked it:) phew! This is doily #7 . I made it with #10 Opera thread in wood violet. Doily #6 is still a secret until I can give it to the intended recipient.
French Vanilla Doily

French Vanilla Doily

I made this Purple Puppy for her son who also turned 1year old yesterday. Yes mom and son share the same birthday.

Purple Puppy

The Purple Puppy is my own pattern that I re-worked from the cat pattern I designed when my daughter wanted a crocheted cat doll. I'm re-working this pattern to share for a Crochet Along (CAL) for members of the of the Crochet Guild of America's online group. I've improved the written pattern and added some elements so you can make a cat, dog, rabbit or bear. I'm hoping others will get even more creative. I think this pattern can adapt to just about a pirate or a monster perhaps. One member on the list wants to make skeletons.

Purple Puppy

A few days ago I finished this book mark. It's my second completed protect done in #20 thread. All of the doilies I have made were done using #10 thread which is not quite 1/2 bigger than #20 thread. I have to use a much smaller hook too. I just might go blind!

I used a coaster pattern by Patricia Kristoffersen my favorite doily designer. The coaster should have been about 4" in diameter using #10 thread. #20 thread made the coaster a perfect book mark motif at about 2"

Crocheted Bookmark

I have completed a few other things that I will share soon but if you want a sneak preview just take a through my photo gallery.

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