Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Could someone please explain to me...

why "we" or anyone thinks that adversity is a good thing? Granted bad things happen to good people and we grow and learn form those things. BUT Why do we connect adversity with something we might want to learn?

I would really like to learn how to spin wool and lots of other fibers on a spinning wheel but it was really challenging for me. I will learn how to do it on my own dang terms. I will do it through the tears and probably a little cussing too.

"Kids, leave the room mamma's going to spin!"

I won't be living through adversity. I will be challenging myself. Adversity to me are things you can't control, like your cat dies.

I refuse to believe that life needs to be a struggle. Sure some days it "feels" that way but I'd rather live my life in joy and exploration. I'd rather tackle things not to "live through it" but because it's worth doing even if I am the only person who thinks so!

So, I guess tonight I am back and I am cranky. LOL

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  1. Interesting post here.

    For your first question. I think people tie adversity/learning together because....

    Well, for myself anyway, when I'm experiencing anything I don't like in particular(to me that would be adversity, not necessarily JUST a calamity). I am more "aware" of what's going on around me. Hence the learning theory your talking about.

    As for learning ANYTHING really I've found right after sunrise/early morning to be very good times for learning things.