Friday, October 13, 2006

Sock Yarn Reviews

My views are from the standpoint of someone who makes a crocheted socks. My socks are only a few months old so I can't attest to wear a tear. I'm pretty hard on my socks so I think all of my socks are doing well so far.

Patons Kroy:

Patons Kroy is a superwash/nylon blend. It's a soft yarn that feels very comfortable as a crocheted sock. Not sure about wear a tear so far. As I have not washed them. I found the yarn difficult to work with. It splits easily and if I had to go down to hook size smaller than an E-3.50-3.25 mm. I'd quit! The sock I made is stretchy too. I needed just over 2 skeins to make the socks I made here. I'm disappointed there are few solid colors available in this yarn.

I have washed them once and they came out fine with no noticeable piling and they "shrunk back to size" a bit as they had stretched out some after being worn.

Sockotta by Plymouth:

I like my Sockotta yarn socks. The yarn is spun well so the yarn does not split. Yet after making the other socks I wonder if the tightness in my afterthought heel has some to do that it is a cotton/wool/nylon blend. The cotton does not lend itself to stretch much and since crochet is less stretchy than knit that may be a problem. I still want to make one more pair of socks with this yarn using a short rowed heel and see how the yarn performs.

I like how these feel on my feet. One skein can make a pair of med-large ankle size socks. I'd need a few grams from another skein to make taller socks. You can see the socks I made with this yarn here and here.

I enjoy the colors available yet again there are few solid colors available in this sock yarn and seem to be hard to come by online or at my LYS.

Knit Pick Essential Solids:

Review to come soon when I make pair of socks! I love the colors that are available. If you haven't figure it out. I want some solid colors socks! I have green and purple. The purple is on my hook right now.

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