Sunday, February 4, 2007

6 weird things about me

I've seen this meme hanging out on several blogs I read and got tagged by Tracy and sort of by Heymom. I've been toying with doing it no matter what because it seemed kind of fun. I have an intellectual opposition to it which is the first weird thing about me.

Weird #1
I can have inner debates about anything where I am known to say out loud "Oh, I don't know." So my inner debate with the 6 weird things meme is why do we even want to call things weird? My weird isn't your weird or your weird is my cool.

So I ask myself, "Why???"

I say out loud, "Oh, I don't know."

Weird #2
I twirl my hair when I read.

Weird #3
I like to dip my french fries in my chocolate shake yum!

I love purple to a distraction. Recently, I realized that my entire wardrobe is in shades of purple, burgundies and greens. I will not fight this, I plan to embrace it.

When I was a kid, I not only chewed my fingernails but my toe nails as well. How's that for weird!

Weird #6
While writing this the power went out...oh..I guess that's about weird happenings not what's weird about me....thinking, thinking...My husband suggests that marrying him was weird. He is kind of weird but I like that about him. So that must make me weird. My daughter says my fiber obsession is weird. I also like to take really hot, scorching hot showers or baths, Is that weird? Finally, I like being weird so that makes weird #6.

Enough already.

Oh yeah, consider yourself tagged if you read my blog and want to do it.


  1. #1: Oh, I don't know either. But I find I'm more likely to embrace the labels that someone would say, "why would you want to call it that?" Contrary, I suppose.

    #2: Funny, I twirl my hair when I'm anxious or upset.

    #3: You taught me that one, thank you!

    #5: That's weirdly bendy of you!

    Thanks for playing!

  2. I did this one a while ago, it is funny how this is one that has made the rounds, but most people don't tag someone else, I guess it is too weird to tag someone!


  3. Hi Fiber Star,
    I have MEME on my blog is on my
    I also have a crochet blog
    I am a swapper and crazy about it and want to start my own swap I am working out the wrinkles and trying my hand at it...:) Like your blog...
    So what are you reading now? I am reading Needled to Death by Maggie Sefton...Crochetoholic Debb

  4. ummmm....not much beats french fries dipped into a chocolate frosty from Wendy's.....hello fello weirdo....:)