Sunday, February 4, 2007

Sunday Book Review: Life in Soho

Life in Soho is not the name of the book but the title for the post so I can introduce you to a series of books by Pip Granger:

Not all Tarts are Apples
The Widow Granger
Trouble in Paradise
No Peace for the Wicked

Granger writes about life in Soho near London through families and friends who are all interconnect. It's a fascinating peak at city life in another country, in another time. It's about love, acceptance, hard times and helping each other out.

The first book Not all Tarts are Apples is told through the eyes of Rosie an 8 year old girl(I think she was 8 , it's been a while since read this book) who lives above a bustling cafe in Soho. This is where you meet the colorful characters who inhabit this series. I can't recommend this this series enough. I think I want to give it a re-read and I generally don't re-read books.

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