Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Another Birthday

My little one is not so little any more. he is now 9 years old. He is so many things.

Always my baby (not the baby there's a difference)

an Indian at Thanks Giving

a crocheter

the punk skate boarder
Punk Boarder

a goofball
Cookies - Yummy Cookies

always my sweet son
Zelda Kitty

Happy Birthday Corbin!

We had a nice day together as a family. Corbin went shopping with Dad and got some lego kits and an Havoc Heli, a remote control helicopter. We went bowling and got take out Chinese. What I found interesting about the day is this is what he wanted. At first we were going to do a party then he decided he want just us and one friend if he could make it. He didn't even need a party with the grand parents.

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