Wednesday, March 8, 2006


Creativity, I value it almost above other things. It tickles me the creativity and the imagination my children have, even when it pushes some of my boundaries.

Yesterday, my son made this gun. I especially like it because he made something out of what could be trash. It pushes my boundaries because it's a gun. If you look around my flickr photos you will find cool pics of his lego creations he wouldn't let me blog about.

Jade puts interesting things together for her dolls just by wrapping fabric around them for clothing. If she wants pillow or toy for her doll she hunts down the fabric in the house and finds a needle and thread and just makes it!

Here's a pillow she made for one of her dolls. I'm using to show off some amigurumi crochet I've been doing.

She made this little elfin doll for a craft at homeschool group.

I have had to get past my desire for things to look beautiful or more polished to see value in my children's creativity. The things they make are not always works of art but it's still so cool.

Here's a picture that doesn't really capture what the kids were doing. They "dressed up" the playmobil then brought them into the kitchen for a toy buffet. They wanted some kind of tickets for the buffet and asked their dad to write up 10 or so "Toy Buffet" tickets.

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