Tuesday, March 28, 2006

It's a Floral Frenzy


Everyone has received the flowers and the xtra goodies I sent out for the floral frenzy on crochetville. So here's my unveiling of what I sent out. I have received one of my packages of flowers and plan on sharing a picture of them soon. I loved them they are so petite. I'm look forward to getting the other flowers so I can get inspired on what to make with them. I got some xtra fun goodies too but I won't tell as to not to spoil the surprise for others.

Some of the flowers are my own design and I will be sharing the patterns here soon. I used a variety of yarns: plymouth encore, red heart super saver, homespun, moda dea, & bernat.


I took this picture before I sent out the flowers but then took one of the flowers out and added another flower that I did NOT take a picture of. The flower I added was a daisy/sunflower like flower for a swap member who wanted retro looking flowers.


About the xtras I included in in the packages:

A lavender sachet that could put in a project bag to have your current project smelling good or in a dresser drawer. I crocheted the small flower on the sachet then sewed it on very carefully then added the dried lavender and stitched it closed.

I have included a few photos of flowers from my garden when I lived in Washington State. I included a picture of a sunflower because I'm back living in Kansas, the Sunflowers State. The sunflower picture was a volunteer sunflower that grew in the rock bed path of my garden in Washington.

A flower fairy - Flower fairies like to play with little kids who don't put things into their mouths or in and around houseplants. My kids and I like to make them. We got the inspiration for them from a Curiosity flower fairy kit. I found some online directions here. I might do some how to directions on this blog someday soon too.

Lemon Balm seed heads - Although they don't have much of a flower, they do have a lovely scent. I just wanted to send everyone a little something that grew in my garden last year. The bags the flowers are in are left over from sachet bags I made for Christmas gifts a few years ago and I like to keep them around to send out for suprise gifts so they were perfect for this swap.

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