Friday, July 27, 2007

I may not have been posting but I have been busy...

This week I've been doing lots of cleaning. I'm trying to get better at keep things clean AGAIN. I love the results but I have never been good at keeping up with it but here's to keeping up with it this time!

I've been de-cluttering like crazy. I have loads of stuff to take to the thrift store and I have been brutal in that I'm even throwing things away that have no use, things that I'd be embarrassed to give them away. I'm de-stashing yarn and fabric. I've decided I'm a yarn geek not a sewing geek although I can sew and do sometimes, it's more on an as needed basis than a love. I now admit to being a yarn snob. I won't refuse some acrylic if it's colors I love because acrylics do have benefits. I love yarns that drape and feel lovely to touch.

Now that I have made some room, I made myself a spinning corner in the living room.
My Spinning Corner

Just above the chair you can see some recycled sweaters bags I finished a few weeks ago. They are a bit warm for the summer, but I will love using them this fall and winter to hold works in progress.

Recycled Sweater Bags

A current crocheting project in some absolutely divine yarn, Frog Tree Alpaca. It will be a spiral shawl.

Spiral Shawl - in progressSpiral Shawl - in progress

Neither of these gets across the color very well but does show what it looks like in different lighting.


  1. wow! these bags are wonderful!

  2. Seriously! You should see about taking photos for a fiber magazine. The sujects are beautiful, and the photos are art. I'm tempting to print that spindle picture and frame it.

  3. Okay, it's a spinning wheel. Does it have a spindle? I'm not sure where I came up with the word now.

  4. Your spinning corner looks comfy.
    Great bags, by the way.
    I love the bottom one. =]

  5. The bags are awesome! Just recycled sweaters??/ AND a big thank you for turning me on to craftster...lots of talented folks over there