Friday, August 17, 2007

Moaning Meme

I did my best not be to be influenced by others moaning lists although I agreed with many! The only one I read was Tracy's

4 things that should go into room 101 and be removed from the face of the earth.

  • racism
  • rape
  • chiggers - mosquitoes can stay for now
  • Gift Giving - As much as I love receiving things and let's be honest I like getting things I like but that happens so rarely. So do we need all the things we get or give?
3 things people do that make you want to shake them violently.
  • When people ask for links to information that is already clearly posted on the blog or forum or they ask for info w/o ever trying to google it for themselves
  • Fear mentality
  • Over protective parents
2 things you find yourself moaning about.
  • That there is never enough money or if only we made ______ (insert amount needed at the time) at the time more a year.
  • housework - especially the dishes
1 thing the above answers tell you about yourself.
  • With the exception of racism and rape which ridding the planet of it would be a very good thing. After reviewing the rest of my answers I probably should get over my dang self and go do the dishes that are stacked up in the kitchen.
  • Link to the original meme at so people know what it's all about!
  • Be as honest as possible, This is about letting people get to know the real you!
  • Try not to insult anyone - unless they really deserve it or are very, very ugly!
  • Post these rules at the end of every meme!
Consider yourself tagged if you want to moan and let me know and I can commiserate with you.

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