Thursday, August 16, 2007

New stuff and not so new stuff

Last week I spoiled myself with lots of knitting tools and accessories.

tools of the trade

I don't know when I will get to the lovely cables sweaters in this book but some day. This book was worth it on eye candy alone. I picked it up at Half Price books for a pretty good deal. The designs are outstanding but the sizes in the books are outdated. So to make a sweater that will fit me and not look like a tent I will make the smalls! I bought the doily booklet with a %40 off coupon at Hobby Lobby.

I tried casting on for the doily but kept losing the needles form the work and the wrap kept disappearing so I plan to use the magic loop method for this and see how it goes.

Along with the doily book I got all of the goodies below, they were all on sale %50 off. I love getting a deal. Now, I have enough double pointed needles to make anything I want. I also purchased: needle point protectors that's those little things that look like socks. The little things that look like sweaters hold your needles together when you aren't working on a project. I also picked up a row counter and cable needles.
tools of the trade

I knit this book mark a while back ago using #2 needles and #10 thread. I found the pattern for it here. I think it's pattern #2.

3 great iPhotos

The last few days I have not picked up my needles or my hooks. Yesterday, I gave finger knitting a try. Check out this you tube video here of a little girl finger knitting it's a great tutorial for the process. I didn't take pictures yet but I made a few boas using some left over fun fur type yarn I had around. They could be a great way to get in touch with you inner diva.

Then after reading yet another post about Hairpin Lace I finally picked up my hairpin lace tool and loaded up this video tutorial here and started. It took a few false starts but I got the knack of it and like how it looks. I really want to make the Seafoam Skirt here. You will need to scroll down to see it.

3 great iPhotos

I plan to make a scarf with this. As long as I have enough left over I will also make a hat to go with it that will have a band or two of hairpin lace.

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