Sunday, October 18, 2009

Alkanet, Onions and Osage

More natural dyeing....

Alkanet is a root and it stinks when you cook it. In theory you can get purples from it but I did not. I did get a lovely warm gray with a touch of purple but I'm not feeling the love to do this again.



I may have felted the fibers a bit too since I was bit impatient with the whole process.

Onions skins red and yellow.
20 grams of skins, 20 gram of fiber and I'm love the orange I got with this.

A bit of handspun with onions skins

Osage Organge:
Mordant the yarn some mystery yarn and some Lion Brand Fishermens Wool.

onion skins, walnut sock yarn and the alkanet.

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  1. I like your orange and red colors you've gotten with this batch of dyin. Good job!