Thursday, October 15, 2009


Walnuts Steeping

About 30 plus walnuts. Steeped over night in about 4 plus pints of hot water from my electric kettle.


Here it is cooking up in the crockpot. The dye liquor was very dark and did not exhaust at all.
The fiber in the bottom left was dyed first with peppermint then overdyed with the walnut. It’s hard to see but it has a touch of green.

Dye notes:
  • 30 plus walnuts - poured hot water from the electric kettle about 4 pints
  • poured the dye liquor into the crockpot the next morning and filled it about 1/2 way.
  • Then added the fiber that was soaked overnight with a bit if dish detergent.
  • Raised dye bath to 180 deg F and soaked for 2 hours. Let it cool.
  • Started at about 10am and rinsed and drying at about 7pm
  • There was about 2pints of dye liquor left that still had lots of dye potential left. I have 2 more pints I haven’t even used yet.
  • Done in crockpot.

More Walnut dyed yarn. This is some of my very first sock yarn.


Sock Saga Yarn



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