Sunday, August 26, 2012

Sunday Book Review: Mindless Eating


So you have put on some pounds and you can't figure out why?  Don't want to go on a diet?  This is the book to read.  Not that anything one thing is an easy fix but just a few things in a years time can make a big difference.  Brian Wansik shares his research on our relationship to food and why it's it can be so hard to change.

Most Americans get visual queues to know they are done eating.  So if you use a smaller plate for your meal you will eat less and feel more satisfied than on a plate that looks half empty.

Put the good stuff to eat at eye level in your fridge.  I make a mixed bin of chopped veggies called Yuppie Veggies inspired by a local restaurant that is no longer in business.  Yuppie veggies include: broccoli, cauliflower, zucchini, and carrots. It's easy peasy for me to pull out them out then steam or saute them for breakfast, lunch or dinner.  Seriously, I do have veggies for breakfast.

Because we eat mindlessly and it's actually challenging to get our selves to be mindful.  The ideal is to make small changes that are positive then those good habit become mindlessly "dieting."

Wansik suggest the power of three.  So maybe you want to lose some weight find three 100 calories things you can take remove without feeling deprived.  In a year you could likely lose 30 lbs!

Or maybe you want to eat healthier.  Then make it a goal.  Try keeping track of it with some awareness for a while.  He even has some free downloads on his web page. 

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