Friday, January 6, 2006

Oh how geeky I am. Let me count the ways...

I'm a blogger geek, a reading geek, and now a crocheting geek. Oh in the summer I'm a gardening geek.

See some photos of my recent projects here. I'm working on a scarf with some of my husbands yarn stash inspired from Hip to Crochet. He being a knitting geek(computer geek, and naturalist geek) is teasing me mercilessly about using HIS yarn.

I say BAH! If you are a yarn crafting, crocheting geek you will understand that it's just not fair to bring beautiful yarn into a house of crafters and say you can't use it. It's down right cruel and unusual punishment.

If he really doesn't want me to use the yarn (and he really isn't serious he just likes to play up his love of the yarn) I might spend my own $300 on yarn just for me. That'll teach him :)

I'm not using the yarn he has intended for his sweater(well only a little bit) Most of the yarn he bought to practice his knitting making hats and scarves. He will survive and so will our bank account.

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  1. You are so fortunate to have a husband that shares your fiber passion. I imagine that makes for some nice crochet/knitting discussions.

    Was he like that before you married? Or did he take this hobby later on. I know there are probably more men, then we are aware that have these types of hobbies, but, it always intrigues me when I hear about them.

    take care