Thursday, January 19, 2006

Falling down at the job as an Unschooling mom or am I?

I worry sometimes that my passions sometimes eclipse the kid’s passions. In the summer I am often distracted with the garden. In the winter it's crocheting or some other kind of craft not to mention that I often have a book going that’s hard for me to put down. Then there's trying to blog, write, dream little, eating AND laundry.

Yet, it’s important for Unschooling parents to have interests and love learning new things. Unschooling my kids has inspired my current passion for learning. I know I am much more willing to take a risk and see well how does that crochet stitch work? I try it…fail…try it again…fail again…then maybe ask for help or I can just let it go and try again in a few months.

Unschooling has given me the freedom to dream big. I just changed my blog description to say I’m an amateur fiber artist. I like the sound of that. I might teach classes some day or my work will displayed in bragged up worldwide.

My big dreams are catching because whenever I'm inspired my kids get inspired too. Sometimes they want to learn what I’m learning. When I was messing around with drop spinning I had to go out and get things to make the kids drop spindles so they could do it with me or I wasn’t going to get to use my drop spindle. Every time I got out my spindle the kids showed up to give it try. Sometimes it inspires something else entirely like getting out the colored pencils to draw or sewing something. Or they want me to play a game with them or help them write up a post for their blog.

The trouble is when I’m in my creative groove and the kids are asking for my help I hear myself say things like “Just a minute or maybe later” when that “Just a minute” turns into tomorrow I feel guilty because the kids still need my help. So there is a balance that I’d like to seek. Maybe the balance is observing that I have said “Just a minute” too many times and the just minute has turned into tomorrow too many time in the last week or so. (Not to mention I have been neglecting this blog)

So it’s time to seek the kids out, find out what they want to do and help them get done what they want to get done. We will make a plan. I know Jade wants to write up a bit about AstroBoy. Corbin wants to see the pictures he took with of his Ninja Turtles. I’ll put some crocheting time for me on that plan too.

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