Monday, April 9, 2007

It's an Apron(s)

I got this one this weekend as a part of a swap on craftster. I can't show you the one I made for my partner as I have not sent it off yet. Here's the springy one I got:

it's an apron

The colors are bit washed out but you can see more in my swaps collection.

it's an apron
This one is a bit more true to color.

I made one for me, or whoever wants to wear it.

Remember this work in progress made with thrifted fabric and fabric I dyed myself:


It became this:


The towel, I have hooked through the ties, my son helped me tie-dye. I like having a towel handy on my aprons, so I don't dirty up my aprons when my hands get dirty.

Here's a shot w/o the towel:
an apron  - I made this one

And a shot of the lining on the back also dyed, doing low water immersion dyeing. I used left over dye I had around for months! It didn't dye very true to color because of it but the colors turned out kinds of fun.


Do you think aprons might get more more excited to cook? I can only hope.


  1. I so have to check out this crafster thing! I signed up but haven't spent time learning how to walk around it yet... great stuff your showing though! the idea of tye died dishtowels! Brilliant!!