Monday, April 9, 2007

More sewing goodness ....

to support the hookin' habit. Every good hooker needs a tote or two or three to hold his or her many WIPs.

it's a totetote

Lots of pockets to hold other hookin' tools like post it notes, pattern books, hooks etc. The tote it my own design and I kind of wing it when I make them.

project tote

project tote

A hook case to store the many hooks you have

crochet hook case

All the above and a few other things went off to my crochet swap partner on craftster. I have a smaller but similar bag in the works for my Mom who's into knitting socks. I need to make me one next.

I made the following hook cases for me while I was working on stuff for my swap partner.

Linkcrochet hook cases

I found a tutorial to make the hookcases here I followed the instructions loosely.

crochet hook cases

I really like how this one turned out, 'cause it's my favorite color and because the hooks fit perfectly in it.

crochet hook cases
Here they are all rolled up.


  1. beautiful totes and hook holders!

  2. Beautiful. Sigh...I want one...

    Did you just work off the top of your head? or use a pattern? I've been wanting to make something with all those cute fabrics out there that are just too costly for larger projects.

  3. I winged it for the tote but use a tutorial for the hookcase. I added the link to it in my post.

  4. Your hook totes (?) are beautiful! I wish I could sew better. I'd have to do it by hand (sigh), my sewing machine is broken right now. Anyway yours are beautiful. Nice job. :)