Friday, April 6, 2007

Ripple Progress

ripple progress
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I've been quiet but I've been rippling and a few other things. Rippling is about all I have the patience for craft wise these days. The cold weather here in Kansas has be snuggled under this and another ghan to stay warm.

I plan to go yarn shopping this weekend. I'm treating myself to some good stuff at the Yarn Barn, my local yarn store. I hope the new yarn will help me get hooking more. I can't seem to focus on anything much. On my to do list a hoodie, atleast one shawl maybe two, a camisole if I can figure out how to make it big enough to fit, and a skirt.

If it weren't so cold out I would be playing in the garden. I feel more excited about my garden this year. I'll share more about that later, so remind me if I forget.

Stay Warm!

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  1. Ooo, love the purple and greens together :)