Monday, April 16, 2007

Shhh don't tell my crochet friends...

I'm knitting!

It's *nit

This is the first 10 rows or so of a Gryfindor scarf, from the Prisoners of Azkaban. I'm making it for dh. You can find the info to make it here. He's helped me get started on it this weekend. My dear husband is the first knitter in our little family. My dd does okay but hasn;t the patience to get going. I've tried and tried several time to get the hang of knitting and felt like all thumbs so I kept turning back to my hooks and books. This weekend my mind and body were in sync and I can do it. Not very well but I can do it.

I'm giddy can you tell?


  1. You will soon be the master of all things fiber! M made fingerless gloves today. I'm going to ask her to bring them to show you tomorrow. I am amazed. She saw an example in a book and just made them!

  2. I'm just going to have to get the hang of this knitting thing so I can join the party!

  3. I knit, too. (Shhh!) I tried it and could not get past the casting on. Then was disgusted at how my knitting looked... But, I kept at it and am about an intermediate knitter now. Just keep practicing and you will get it! There's all kinds of tutorials online if you did a search.