Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Just 15 minutes

Today, I could share about the mittens I knit for the kids but I don't want to take the 15 minutes it would take to take the picture of the ones I finished yesterday for dear daughter. So I went looking though my drafts on blogger to dig out some content so I would have something to share with you today.

I found this draft about 15 minutes that I apparently didn't want to take 15 minutes to write up. This strategy is used by the Fly Lady to help keep your house cleaner and more organized and it really does work. The trick is you "have to" do 15 minutes and a few of them during the day.

I forget to use this strategy to get things done around the house. Instead I look at the dishes strewn on the counter and groan and think this will take forever. When I remember to set the timer and wash dishes for 15 minutes I find that most of the dishes have been done and I even wiped the counters down.

So go for it. Set that timer.

My list of things to do today:

Fold Laundry and put swayaway
Gifts for Hubby
Dishes as always
Sort bins and baskets from general pick up yesterday
Dust in the Family Room
wipe down tables
Vacuum in play room
Filing (done)
make grocery list for winter solstice
take photo of Jade's finished mittens
work on fingerless gloves for me and jade's sweater

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