Saturday, December 15, 2007

Socks and socks

I finally finished off my Sockotta socks about a month ago.

First toe-ups

I finally tackled those dang short rowed heel socks. This has a bunch of firsts for me: first pair of socks on magic loop, first short rowed heel and first toe up sock. It's my own pattern too. In the sense that I did a gauge swatch and figured out what I needed in gauge taking into account some negative ease then cast on and knit.

Other specs:
US 1/ 2.25mm 32" circs - I used two circ. needles with one sock on each using magic loop
Most of the ball of Sockotta

First Toe-Ups

About a week ago I finished off these socks. The main first for these is the color toes and heel and the fancier stitch pattern.

Twist sock pattern from Hello Yarn
cuff down/heel flap
ww cascade 220 heathers in purple and green from my stash
US4/3.5mm 32" cable needles for magic loop

Twist socks

These are for me and they keep my feet toasty! The only thing I wish I had done differently is make the entire toe part out of green. I like this pattern it's easy to get the rhythm of it. I'm sure to make more. I still have some sweater yarn and other worsted yarn that need using up.


  1. Hey! wonderful socks, my dear...

    your profile pic... your wearing the "Hip to Crochet" boho sweater; aren't you? I want to make that swaeter so bad! How long did it take you? How did you convert the amounts, or did you order the suggested brands/color yarn specified in the pattern book?

    You look awesome!

  2. Thanks :) and yes that's the Boho Sweater. I used Plymouth Encore instead of the yarn suggested. It think the book tell you how many yards are in the skeins so I calculated yardage needed for the main color and got that and one skein each for the stripes and flower block. Hope that helps and thanks again :)