Monday, December 19, 2005

Tie Dye in the Snow and more

We did Tie Dye for family gifts this year. I just couldn't wait to share them. So here they are. So if your family and you read my blog you get a sneak peek.

I'm really happy with the results. I want to do more. I had them hung up in the house last night too and it made the house seem so festive and swirly. I think I will make some tie dye blankets to have around the house to brighten things up on dreary days.

We have been busy preparing gifts. I am in the end of the year get prepare for more things coming into the house mode. So I am clearing out the old to get ready to receive the new. I have put lots of unfinished projects on freecycle and things we haven't used in years.

The kids opened a few of their Solstice gifts early. Corbin has been busy playing Shadow the Hedge Hog on the gamecube and Jade and I enjoy playing Battleship.

I have sent out my holiday cards. Now that the shirts are done I need to get them all packaged up and ready to mail.

I have been having fun creating and doing this this year for the holidays. I have fun every year yet I do get a bit stressed out if things are running late like this year. There is something about the holidays and all the things we are doing for it that gets my creative juices going and I want to learn how to do things.

I had so much fun making my holiday cards. I want make more cards like that with all the seasons in mind. I am also wanting explore more art with collage doing Art Trading Cards and bigger projects. All the snow flakes and Santa boots I have been doing has inspired looking into origami. I want to share with the kids how to use a compass to make designs.

I have this idea working to make some kind of Soltice banner to hang up in the house to honor the sun, the night and trees. I'll probably sew it and maybe dye lots of the fabric myself.

I have a crochet blanket I want to finish too. So much to do and learn...So little time.

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