Wednesday, December 7, 2005

A Winter Wonderland

Some paper crafts I did yesterday and the kids helped some. I have been having fun learning how to make more complicated snowflakes. I really like how the coffee filter snowflakes turned out. I plan on filling up the green fabric with more snowflakes. So we will have a winter wonderland inside our house and outside too. I'm also fascinated with the snowflake geometry. I think I'm having more fun than the kids.

I took these pictures this morning. My favorites are the plants that used to be cosmos flowers and the the snow hats on the pumpkin and the trash cans. Snow can even make trash cans look beautiful. I also like the patterns of the snow on the green hammock.

The kids had lots of fun playing in the snow. Corbin likes to go outside and roll in it so he is covered in snow. He also went a bit crazy yesterday and ran out to get the mail with no shoes. They do have snow boots but we did go out and get some new boots that fit better. I got some too. So we are going to go sledding and snow boarding.

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