Wednesday, December 7, 2005

Insomnia or why I am up at 1 am

I really don't think I am suffering from insomnia but I am still awake because finally the house is quiet.

Very, very, quiet.

It seems we have all been doing, doing, doing lately and talkative and playing and more doing and I just need QUIET (that's for emphasis I'm NOT yelling because QUIET remember, I NEED it.)

I think moms might ultimately suffer from insomnia or an inability to go to sleep at night or maybe wake up after their kids are asleep because they are trying to get the solitude they are craving. That's what I am craving and why I am still up at 1am. I want solitude. I want peace. I want a chance to think my own thoughts.

So I have done that. I've soaked in the quiet making some snowflakes, all by myself. I have thought my own thoughts, like how moms need solitude, peace, and quiet.

Now, I am tired.

I hope I won't regret this in the morning.


There is always coffee. Coffee is good. Coffee AND solitude even better. I better set my alarm.

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