Friday, December 9, 2005

Dashing through the snow

We had a great time sledding yesterday. The snow hasn't melted so the kids want to go again today. So that's the plan so far. Corbin is already up with is snow books on. I've got my coffee made and shoveled the front porch. I also retrieved all the snow gear left in the car. It will need a toss in the dryer before we leave or the kids will be wearing frozen stiff gloves and hats.

Jade heads down the hill. She crashes, she burns.

This is fun. Let's do it again!

I went out just in case anyone came to our homeschool groups MNO but the weather held many back so I was alone. My consolation was quiet time, reading, a cappuccino and some cheesecake. Even better when I got home Jade had baked a heart shaped chocolate cake for me. It was an I Love You Cake. Just before bed we were talking she said that Dec. 8th is a special I love you mommy day. She even sang me an I love you song just before we cut the cake. That sure lifted my spirits. Although we had a good day overall. I was on occasion a bit snippy with the kids with the stress of shoe shopping and sledding. Hopefully things will go more smoothly today. Maybe I will get another cake too:)

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