Monday, December 12, 2005

What does Monopoly have to do with History, Math, and more...

I am often surprised but maybe I shouldn't be anymore after unschooling for almost ten years. Or maybe my surprise is just delight on how we touch upon so much from unexpected places.

I was reading the 2nd book in the Outlander series when the heroine said "Go to hell, do not pass Go, do not collect 200$ ...." The heroine at the time was in the mid 1700's in Scotland. She wasn't from that century she time traveled (quite by accident) from the mid 1900's just after WWII.

Anyway, I was curious was Monopoly that old? So looked it up and it was created in 1935. Since Monopoly is a favorite new game I shared with the kids what I was learning about the game. The history touched about WWII and the depression. Then we started surfing the Monopoly game site and found a place so you can print of your own Monopoly Money.

When Corbin found out about the money he wanted some $500 bills especially. So the money lead to counting large numbers. If you click around the site you can find out strategies to play the game and some other fun facts.

Not only that, our holiday decorating touches upon geometry and holiday stories with reading. This year Jade has gotten over a reading struggle and is mastering picture books with some ease. The origami and snowflakes is showing patterns with folding and the cutting to get the shape you want. (If you click on my categories to the right you can find some links to make snow flakes and both five pointed and 6 pointed stars.) While baking cookies Jade thought it would be fun to read the Gingerbread Man and make some Gingerbread cookies to go with it.

Homeschooling can just be all about the food and we did bake cookies today which lead to science and food coloring, baking, and reading the labels on the decorating sugars.

Have a yummy virtual holiday cookie

Now Corbin needs help writing a letter because he found some envelopes. Learnin' we can't escape it in this family not even during the holidays.

If you need something seriously silly to do here but don't hit Santa.

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