Saturday, April 17, 2010

I fell in love with my garden again....

On Tuesday after edging and weeding most of the garden beds in the front yard, I planted a few more things in the Mail Box Bed:

Mail Box Bed

I transplanted some phlox and sweet woodruff from the front patio bad. You can't see the sweet woodruff very well because it's behind the daylillies. The Ajuga I planted at the end of the last year is doing great. The peonies look like they like it there too. They came from Stephen's grandmother's house and before that they came from back east somewhere in the 1800's.

Mail Box Bed

Wednesday I started on the back yard. I weeded garden Bed D.

Garden Bed D

I added few things from the fence beds. I'm going let the fence beds go this year. Then figure out what I want to plant there. I want to get the weeds under control first so I'm not constantly weeding that area.

Then I weeded the Patio Tree Bed.

Patio Tree Bed

I added some sedum ground cover, more yarrow and some salvia. I also cleaned off the porch but I don't have a photo of that. Not much to see really.

I also prepared Garden Bed C. I attempted to grow pepper and some basil in this bed last year and failed. I had laid an old sheet down to prevent weeds so only a little weeding here. Then I had an empty flower canvas to fill.

Garden Bed C

So I transplanted some purple gay feather, yarrow, sedum, cone flower, salvia, a mystery plant, etc...

I called that good for Wednesday so Thursday I prepared part of the new Herb Bed. The bed was a fail as for Asparagus. It gets too wet. I moved many of these herbs from another wet part of the garden so they should do fine here.

Herb Bed

Here we have thyme, cat mint, chives, salad burnett, a sad bit of lavender that barely made it over the winter, winter savory, and cone flower.

Patio Tree Bed

I did a bit more work on the Patio Bed. I added some of the mystery plant, sweet woodruff and some cat mint where you can't see it. I took a lunch break then decided to do a wee bit more so I weeded the two Back Patio Beds.


The Ajuga-Woodruff bed Patio Bed was fill with dead nettle and other weeds. I pulled them all out and added some yarrow and a cone flower. Then I weeded the Hosta Bed but I'm holding off on adding more to this bed for now.

Hosta Patio Bed

Here's Garden Bed B that's covered in weeds so I got more work to do.

Garden Bed B

I better get back out there so I'm so I'm really sorry but this:


and this:


Will just have to wait.


  1. You are so productive, the gardens look lovely. I should introduce you to my mother.

    Dee Anna

  2. Okay... so when you say "mystery plant" is it that you really don't know what you have planted? Or are you planting something you don't care to publicly acknowledge lest it might get you into trouble... hm? ;-)

  3. It means I don't remember what the plant is. I friend gave it to me but my garden notes are bad.