Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Oh yes, I'm dyein' please believe me....

I started with this yarn here:
It's some of my bulky handspun. I actually dyed the fiber for this yarn some time last year. I kind of felted the fiber. So I carded the semi fielted fiber and spun it up.

(this photo is totally off in color)

I added the yarn to my dyeing Crockpot along with a few gluggs of vinegar. I squished it a bit to make sure the yarn was socking up the vinegar water. There's just enough water in the pot plus a little more to cover the yarn. After the water temp reached 140 deg F I added the dye. About 2 cups of water with one teaspoon of neon purple food coloring.

Here's how it looked soon after adding the dye liquor:
When It got to 180 deg F it cooked for about an hour or longer. I let the yarn coo off in the pot before rinsing it. I was very patient and waited for all the dye liquor to soak in. The water was clear when I removed the yarn. It bled very little dye when I rinsed it.

Ahhhh a natural light photo, so much better.


I like how the dye struck on the fluffy bits of yarn. It has kind of a heathered look to it. Stay tuned for future hat.

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  1. The dye job turned out great! I really like the heathered look and am looking forward to seeing how it knits up.