Friday, January 20, 2012

Fiber Friday : Wonderful Woolfest 2012

I should have taken pictures of all the pretty shops and lovelies at the Winter Woolfest 2012 in Wamego.  This was the first time I was able to go.  I was either sick or there was something close to a blizzard happening.  Not this time! Even better I had a ride thanks to a member of  Knit Lawrence.  And a few other knitters came along as well, so double the fun.

Picture 142

I got some fiber, merino/targhee roving and some local rambouillet fleece, and a spinner's control card. Later in the afternoon we had some coffee then  we stopped at a thrift store and I got a few more the things.  The brown swing top bottle will be for simple sugar for mixed drinks or herbed vinegars.  The photo frames for a photo of course.  The tin now stores my wire and beading tools so now things fit better in the tin that holds beads and jewelry making findings. 

There were several free classes or demonstrations to choose from.  I got to watch Nikol Lohr from Yarn School make batts again.  I needed some reminders so I know how to use my drum carder.

Picture 079

I also learned how to do a moebius cast on created by Cat Bordi.  So I can knit a moebius cowl for Jade.  She geeks out about the moebius.

All in all a good day.  I recommend going if you have the time.  Woolfest is often the 1st Saturday in January. So keep your eyes peeled on the Wicked Stitch  for details.

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