Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tangling, Moebius and Valentines Day!

So what do tangling, moebius and Valentines Day have in common?

First I started at  I am the Diva's blog to check out her weekly tangling challenges. I'm new to her blog and just came across Weekly Challenge #55. which uses moebius as the central theme.  Then  I followed a few of the links and found this blog post here at Xplore&Xpress That showed me how to make the hearts below and more about the moebius.  So I spent about an hour on Wednesday night making and cutting moebius strips then Thursday took the time to make my Valentine something geek worthy.  This is my practice run.

Picture 218

You really must  try this at home. All you need is some paper, pens, scissors,  something to make things stick (I used double sided tape)  and a bit of curiosity to explore how the heck it works!  I'd tell you all how to do it here but I don't need to because all you need to know is in the 3rd link above.

Then you can make one for the geek in you life.  Or you could do it together.

Just keep tangling! 

Picture 195

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  1. I shared your tangle links with my kiddos and they are enjoying, as well. Neat!