Wednesday, May 24, 2006

I know I have been quiet lately....

Last weekend Corbin had a birthday to go to for a little friend he has made down the street. It's really sweet how he plays with her. She is a about 3 years younger than he is. He helped me put together her gift. Rather he was the idea man I was the crafter. You can see what we came up with here.

Corbin got a new bike recently which he is very happy with. Stephen has put together a bike for himself with some new parts and a frame he got off of freecycle.

About a week ago with my stomach in my throat Corbin went off on his new bike ALL by himself to buy some flower seeds from the garden center just a block or so away from our house. After Corbin got back Jade decd she wanted to go too so Corbin helped her find the way and AGAIN my heart in my throat. They are both fine and very happy with themselves and the gift of seeds they bought for ME :)

Jade has been listening to lots of books on tape. She even finds a way to get some playing time in the sand box by bring the boom box outside with her so she can dig in the sand and listen to books. Her latest favorite have been the High Wizardry Series by Diana Duane.

We have also watches Howl's Moving Castle also based on a book several times. It was produced by the same person who has done several VERY good anime movies including Totoro, Kiki's Delivery Service and Castle in the Sky.

I just finished reading the Secret Life of Bees for the second time and I'm looking forward to talking about with my homeschool moms book club very soon.

Sunday I went to a talk about seed saving which was inspiring and got me interested in getting out in the garden more. Right now I really should be out there picking strawberries. I have a prolific strawberry bed this year. I've made strawberry short cake twice this summer. It's my favorite summer treat. It's better than ice cream. I'll post a recipe soon. I promise! I did get outside to water and weed the garden some today and that was very satisfying.

We've trying some new food here too to get us out a food slump. I have been just plain bored with our usual fare. Last week I had sushi for the first time and it's not too bad. I'll eat it again. Now the the garden is starting to produce and the farmers market is sure to have some yummy fresh veggies we are trying new things and making an effort to cook. We are especially looking at ideas that are cool and refreshing in the heat.

I'm sure there is more but that's all I can remember.

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