Friday, May 5, 2006

It's all about the process - rip it! rip it!

I decided to frog the spiral blanket back to the beginning so it wouldn't be so wavy. I had to go back a looooong way. Then I started making it again. I laid it flat on a table every round to make sure it would lay flat. It's about 10inches wide now and I plan in making it bigger.

Free Form Doll Blanket

Spiral Free Form Doll Blanket

I got it to this size and started adding on again.

Spiral Free Form Doll Blanket

Here's the second go around adding things to the outside. I just gets too wavy. So I frogged it back AGAIN to the spiral picture above. I started making small scrumbles rather than trying to crochet it continuously.

Here are some scrumbles that will be added to the blanket.

Freeform Doll Blanket - in progress

A blanket overview
Freeform Doll Blanket - in progress

I want about 1/3 more scrumbles before I think I'm done.

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