Friday, May 5, 2006

Mastery and fun (Crochet!)

Yesterday, Corbin finally mastered doing a crochet chain. He is so excited he is ready to share it with anyone who is willing listen. He wants to go to the Yarn Barn downtown Saturday (maybe today) and get himself his own hook and skein of yarn.

He had Stephen make a few pull skeins of yarn I had on hand. He set himself up with his own project bag, with his own pair of snips to trim yarn, (MY! new) bamboo hook and yarn. He is pleased as punch.

I have a rainbow of crochet chain bracelet made by Corbin.


I'm having difficulty naming this attitude he has with this. He seems so confident and pleased with himself despite the fact that he is still struggling to move beyond a chaining to single or double crochet. Whatever it is .... I love it. As far as he is concerned he can crochet.


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