Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Funks and Fiber Fun

I'm in a funk not much of a fiber funk as I have been busy along that front.

I've been working on this lapghan from Jan Eaton's 200 Crochet Blocks. I used el cheap Read Heart Super Saver 'cause in my house easy washing is necessary and an I/5.5mm hook. The book recommends dk weight yarn and i want to make one in dk some day. It would be more delicate.

lapghan - all together now!

I've been working on it for a month or so. I've had the darndest time figuring out how to join it. I have sewn and crochet and unsewn and ripped out may ways and finally settle on what you see here. I still not entirely pleased with the result but it is growing on me.

lapghan - all together now!

Joining squares challenges my desire for perfection and they don't sew up neatly like quilt blocks. So I'm learning to appreciate that.

I've made up a few more thread grannies as well.
thread grannies

There is something so therapeutic in this basic square. I need therapeutic lately. I am in a funk. I 'm trying find my way out of it. The sunshine is sure helping but still I am not inspired in parts of my life I want to be inspired. I'm inspired to the point of overwhelm fiberwise. I want to learn how to spin and knit! I have a crochet pattern library that is insane. Where will ever find the time???

I love it all. At the same time I am in a rut, my kids are calling for me and I'm not answering like I think I should. They aren't being ignored but I'm not all there either. I need to find some some kind of balance but that's not the right word. Well, now I have said it I hope that makes it real and reminds myself to get working all parts of my life not just the fiber part.


  1. The lapghan is beautiful. I love the colors. Sorry about the funk. I've spent way too much time dwelling on funks in the last many months and I'm sorry to say I have no good/quick way out. Time for an On the Border night out!

  2. Yea...I'm there with ya...I have been the the absolute WORSE funk..I mean I crochet.. but anything new that processes through my brain is like " uh too much effort"...I crochet, I read, I do what my child needs....I make sure my home is a step ahead of disaster.. the animals are fed.. but all the new things to try..umm... nope...when you figure it out let me know...I'm not normally a depressed person