Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Pattern Aquisition Syndrome (PAS)

Hi my name is Samantha and I have Pattern Acquisition Syndrome also known as PAS. My husband thinks it's better than having GAS, Guitar Acquisition Syndrome which he could only have if we were wealthy beyond measure which we are not.

crochet consumerism

Here are some recent crochet book purchases. Hopefully, I will live long enough to accomplish some things from all of these books. Right now I'm kind of overwhelmed.


  1. Funny!!!!That must mean I have BWSAS (Bird Watching Supplies Acquisition Syndrome)!

  2. Welcome to the club, I also have YAS (Yarn acquisition syndrome)in addition to my book addiction. i had to go into designing just so i could subsidize my "yarn habit".
    Ellen Gormley

  3. Hi! I have a definite case of PAS as well. And I believe my fiance has GAS (yeah, he's a guitarist, too; he isn't wealthy, but he's managed to pick up a lot of guitars/guitar-like instruments somehow). :D

    Couture Crochet Workshop really intrigues me. I hope to get it at some point.