Monday, March 19, 2007

So I had to....

check on my daughter today to see if she was actually alive and well. I had said good morning to her and we chatted for a bit. Then later in the day I realized I had hardly seen her and her room was strangely quiet.

She was to my relief just fine and about 3/4 of the way through the first volume of Buddha, a manga by the author of Astoboy. She read the whole thing herself. She told me she decided to not read the exclamations so as to not slow herself down and after a while she decided to read to herself as opposed to reading the story aloud with appropriate voices.

Is that cool or what! I think so. One down and one more to go reading. Someday, I will breath more fully. Really, I will.


  1. Very cool~ thanks for the heads up on the Buddha manga, I think we'd be interested in that series.

    And, I love your basket you made on the following post. Very pretty!

  2. Way cool! I'm intrigued. What little I know about manga I know from you and Jade. I remember reading aloud with the voices, too. It's exhausting!