Tuesday, March 20, 2007

A tisket, a tasket, a little ribbon basket

The ribbon bowl in the beginning...

thrifted ribbon basket

thrifted ribbon basket

I've had a bagful of ribbon I picked up at the thrift store a while ago. We have the best and the most dangerous thrift store in my town. It's on the junky side but you can find such treasures which makes it the best and the most dangerous part. Dangerous because I bring home things and sometimes I use what I bring home and other times it clutters the house. I was about to gift this ribbon back to the thrift store when I decided to make a little basket

I used an N(10mm) hook - the largest metal hook I have. I crocheted a circle in a spiral (I did not join rounds) for a few rounds keeping it flat then started to crochet even, then increased a bit then worked even, and repeated that a few times. I still need to tack down a few of the ends some how. I crocheted over most of the ends as I went.

thrifted ribbon basket

I'm using it to hold my thread bookmarks I like to make.

thrifted ribbon basket

A close up of the finished basket.


  1. you come up with some of the prettiest ideas! Bravo on your creativity!