Friday, May 28, 2010

Ahhh Friday....

Kind of a miscellaneous week. A little bit of walking, a little bit of knitting, a little bit of skate boarding and making plans for the summer.

Last week after taking stock of the stash I started on a stashbusting project or two:


A felted bag made from leftovers of my handspun. It needs a strap. That will just have to wait.


A hat that was going to be a bag. The bling is not a part of the hat but I couldn't resist taking a picture with them still on it. The "jewels" are stitch markers. Maybe I can start a new trend?


I finally started the heel on my socks.
I know it does look like it but I really, really have.


Since temperatures are rising I finished the last square I will knit for a while on my Crazy Blanket. 67 squares so far. So I got quite a bit done. The photo below shows where I was on May 12th.


Remember my Iris Dyeing?


I used some of the iris dye liquor to overdye some onion skin yarn. That the bit on the left that's the lovely olive green. The stuff on the right was only iris liquor. The one in the middle was sort only iris dye liquor. It was meant to be only irises. It's a toned down color because the pink ties I used were dyed and it leached into the iris dye bath. I just harvested the last of my irises and out them in the freezer. There is something about freezing the flowers that helps bring out more of a blue. I'll let you y'all know.

The original plan today was to go harvest some food from a local farm but the kids, one of them balked. When they realized that we were going to actaully get out an do things this summer discussions ensued. We have 13.5 waking ours in the summer maybe more we need to take advantage of it. This does not mean screen time. It mean get out of the house and do stuff!

So on our list to do this summer is Letterboxing. We now have most of the supplies gathered. We still need some log books. Soon, very soon. First I need a beer.

Yes that is bottled beer from Free State Beer! Yum!


  1. Your crazy blanket looks like so much fun! I love how the pattern uses scrap yarn. It'd be the perfect project to use up all those little bits and pieces instead of throwing them away. I was going to ask where you got the pattern, but realized it's your original - what a great design! Nice job, can't wait to see the finished product!

  2. Thanks so much:) It's not my own design. I'm following the Crazy Blanket pattern in the Living Crafts Fall 2009 Issue. The pattern is a common mitered square.